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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: How does the executive function coaching academy help special education teachers?

I recently received this question from a special education administrator interested in using the executive function coaching certification program as a resource to train their special education teacher.

Specific to working with school students (and/or their teachers) can you provide me with some skills the participants will acquire during the training? This will help me as I explain the course in terms of skill acquisition/strategies/content knowledge to the BOE and the director of curriculum.

Below are some thoughts on how the Executive Function Coaching Academy can help your special education teachers rise to the challenge of supporting students with Autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and other disabilities that impact executive functioning. In our programs, your teachers will...

Learn about the importance of EF skills 

Your teachers will learn the critical importance of EF skills and how to intervene when issues arise. They will also receive resources they can use in perpetuity in their work in resource classes and special day classes such as: 

  • Best practices and tools for establishing baseline data for students who require EF interventions 

  • Guidance on how to translate research to practice for students with executive dysfunction that may fall into the categories of ED, SLD, OHI, or TBI. 

  • Checklist for how to run a one to one sessions with students 

Tools to assess functional EF skills for designing appropriate interventions 

Get support on crafting effective and compliant goals related to EF skills

As a former special education teacher, Sean has designed the training to offer tuned resources for special education staff including:

  • IEP goals for executive function skills

  • Documentation tools for assisting in IEP progress monitoring

  • And more!

Get access to the Semester Success Blueprint course

All participants will receive free access to my semester success blueprint course which will enable them to more effectively support students with ADHD and Autism in managing the day challenges of school work.

This course includes tools like: 

  • My digital planner template

Guidance on how to work with challenging/resistant students

Guidance on how to work with parents to reduce parent disputes 

How can I learn more about the executive function certification course?

The program is not available for purchase. It is run throughout the year as a live course and to get updates on when the next enrollment window will be opening, you can subscribe to this email list.

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About the author

Sean G. McCormick founded Executive Function Specialists, an online EF coaching business that guides students to overcome procrastination, disorganization, and anxiety by teaching time management, prioritization, and communication skills so they feel motivated, prepared, and empowered.

He is also the co-founder of UpSkill Specialists, a coaching organization dedicated to supporting adults in enhancing their EF skills to create rewarding careers.

He founded the Executive Function Coaching Academy which trains special education teachers, school psychologists, and other professionals to support students with ADHD and executive function challenges.

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