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Is it possible for someone to become an executive function coach in just 6 hours?

Recently, an email from a community member raised valuable questions about our 6-hour Executive Function (EF) skills certification program. Their concerns centered around the depth such a short course could provide, given the complex nature of EF skills.

This feedback invites a crucial dialogue and an opportunity to clarify the role and value of our certification course within the larger pathway to becoming an EF specialist. In this post, we'll succinctly address these concerns, emphasizing the importance of our course as a part of a comprehensive professional development process in EF skills coaching.

Do you truly think 6 hours could equip someone to be able to effectively and efficiently teach EF skills to others?

The 6-hour course serves as an essential part of a broader preparation process for individuals aspiring to help others enhance their Executive Function (EF) skills.

Participants who engage in this course already possess prior relevant credentials, such as being a Professional Educational Therapist, a Credentialed Teacher, or having a Master's degree in a related field.

Therefore, this course is intended to build upon an existing foundation of knowledge and expertise, providing specialized insights and strategies related to EF skills teaching. It's not the entire training but a vital part of a comprehensive approach to equipping someone to teach EF skills effectively.

Would you be comfortable offering a certification to someone after only 6 hours of learning about this incredibly important set of life skills?

The certification offered upon completion of this 6-hour course signifies that the participant has undergone specialized training in teaching EF skills, beyond their initial professional qualifications.

This is an additional credential that showcases their dedication to deepening their expertise in this specific area.

Given the prerequisites of the course, which include prior relevant qualifications and experience, this certification serves to highlight the participant's commitment to ongoing professional development in the field of EF skills coaching.

I have found kids and young adults to be so diverse in their skills and weaknesses that there is no one-size fits all approach to helping people with an executive function weakness.

Absolutely agree. The diversity among students indeed demands a diverse set of strategies. This course is designed to enhance the toolkits of already-qualified professionals, such as teachers, therapists, and counselors, providing them with additional techniques and strategies to address EF weaknesses.

The information and insights gained from this course can then be tailored to meet the unique needs of different individuals they work with.

Just wondering your thoughts behind offering a 6 hr “certification” here.

This 6-hour certification course is part of the wider pathway towards becoming an EF specialist.

It's designed for those with relevant qualifications who are seeking to specialize in EF coaching. The course is intensive and focused, intended to equip participants with essential knowledge and strategies related to EF skills.

This is not a stand-alone qualification, but a key part of the journey for professionals seeking to enhance their capabilities in the field of EF coaching.

Participants can then choose to apply these skills in their independent practice or as part of an organization. The certification thus stands as a testament to their dedication and specialized knowledge in this crucial area.


We hope this discussion has provided clarity and deepened your understanding of the value and role of our 6-hour EF certification course. Remember, this course is a pivotal part of a broader journey, a stepping stone towards becoming a proficient EF specialist.

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