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What is the difference between the Executive Function Coaching Academy and the Certification Course?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

I recently received this message from a prospective member of the Executive Function Coaching Academy:

What is the difference between the EF coaching academy and the 6 week certification program? I know the early pricing ends tomorrow, and want to make the right decision. I had previously planned on doing the coaching academy but missed the sign up window. I see that there is a difference in financial commitment, but want to choose the correct program for my needs and schedule.

The EF Coaching Academy is an exclusive privilege offered only to students who have completed one of our live certification courses. It provides a comprehensive learning experience through a combination of various courses, twice-monthly live coaching calls, and a constant flow of support from our private community forum.

Live coaching calls are consistently scheduled at 9:30 am PDT on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month. This regularity offers a structured opportunity for students to engage, learn, and resolve queries in real-time.

A standout feature of the EF Coaching Academy is its public-facing directory of coaches. As an enrolled student, you get the chance to be listed here, increasing your visibility to families seeking EF coaches. This feature serves as a beneficial platform for building your coaching reputation.

Enrollment in the Academy is flexible to cater to your needs. You can opt for a monthly or an annual plan, with the choice presented to you towards the end of our live certification program.

This comparison aims to assist you in making an informed decision about your preferred program. Remember, the choice between the EF Coaching Academy and the 6-Week Certification Program ultimately hinges on your individual requirements, schedule, and financial commitment. Choose wisely and let your coaching journey thrive!

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